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This is the second time we painted this house on the outside,the first time was in 2006 we also painted the inside.
We stained this house 2 coats and also replaced rotten log siding and also part of the deck flooring.
Here we are leveling a porch that was sagging and pulled away from the header.
If you have sagging decks, boards that are pulling apart, posts that are sinking, We can help you with these problems.
This is a bedroom that is being prepped, We have taken all the imperfections out of the wall by sanding and mudding. It is now ready for a primer coat. this is a 15+ yrs old wall. After we were done it looked like a brand new wall.

Here we are replacing Sheetrock in a bathroom that had gotten wet due to the fact it had been installed incorrectly and was the wrong type of Sheetrock, so we used the correct Sheetrock and left a quarter inch gap between the Sheetrock and the top of the bathtub wall, and then cocked the gap solving the problem of the Sheetrock soaking up water.